Dog Training - Some Dogs Hold Jobs Better Than We Do

Over the centuries, dogs have earned their merits as great workers, and today are no less able to carry out the jobs their ancestors have undertaken. When training a dog for a certain area of expertise, the breed's strongest trait should be the focal point - some dog breeds perform better at certain jobs than others. Below are some examples of the remarkable services that dogs render.
One of the most common jobs that dogs hold down is with the Police force. German Shepherd Dogs are usually the best types for this job, owing to their intelligence, strength, agility, and uncanny ability to sniff out bombs, drugs, and other contraband. They also serve as escorts and protection for important individuals. Bloodhounds have an even more impressive sense of smell, and are frequently used for scent tracking purposes. Police Dogs are well-trained and make great pets after they retire.
Rescue dogs specialize in saving lives in critical situations, such as accidents, flash floods, fires, and other tight situations. Bigger dogs are often suited for these jobs. For example, St. Bernards are trained to rescue lost hikers and stranded travelers in mountainous areas, such as the Alps. Newfoundlands, on the other hand, specialize in rescue missions on boat accidents. Back when firefighting engines were horse-drawn, Dalmatians aided firefighters by guiding the horses safely through the crowds towards the scene of the fire. Today, Dalmatians work as mascots for some firefighting agencies, enjoying its fabled reputation of helping people out of hot "spots."
Disaster dogs are those that specialize in tracking ruinous areas to search for any survivors. These dogs may not discriminate between a deceased victim and survivors, but their tracking skills are invaluable nonetheless. Dogs in the disaster relief effort should be keen in sniffing out via air scents. Eligible candidates such as Golden Retrievers and Border Collies do much better in alleviating the suffering brought about by natural disasters, which is more than what anyone can say about the government.
Another tough job that some dogs do is getting help when their master undergoes a seizure. These smart dogs alert nearby strangers of an emergency and lead them to their master. This job is not for all dogs, however, as some dogs can instead fiercely protect their fallen master and get in the way of medical help.
In farmlands, dogs can be trained for herding. Border Collies are intelligent and directive. They are very energetic and have the tendency to be very fidgety when told to remain stagnant. They are best for herding sheep and livestock, or for sports that require lots of running.
There are dogs that offer entertainment. They are sometimes called therapy dogs. They usually offer their services in disaster areas or those in the nursing homes. Golden Retrievers are usually the most suited for this job due to their friendly and approachable demeanors.
The jobs keep coming - Siberian Huskies work as sled dogs, Rottweilers as watch dogs, and Doberman Pinschers as guard dogs. No matter how far technology takes us, there's always a job for man's best friend to do.

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